I have just had solar installed and I am looking for a tariff to export to the grid, I have battery and an Eddi but I do not have an electric car to charge so on a day like today I would like to earn some money😀


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    You can pick any supplier for your SEG tariff. It doesn't have to be the same one you get your incoming electricity from. There is a table on the Money saving expert site that shows the latest rates. Most of them are Pants!! Some companies don't want you if you have a battery - they see this as "brown " electricity - what ever that means!

    Are you on a good fixed rate for your incoming electricity? If, so you may be best staying with your existing supplier. Some suppliers offer an enhanced rate if you buy your leccy from them. The best is probably Octopus energy. It pays 4.1p if you don't buy electric from them, but this goes up to 15p if you do. Or you can opt for their Agile Outgoing tariff where what you are paid varies with the market rate. So each half hour slot has a different price. ( - the first set of data is for buying electricity using their Agile import tariff - the second is for Agile SEG).

    It is getting a bit sunnier now, so soon you will be able to fill your battery from solar power, but something to think about before next winter is switching to a time of use tariff. As you don't have an electric car you can't get the best Octopus Go tariff, but you could do Economy 7. You get cheap electric overnight, but pay more in the daytime. So in winter you charge your battery up overnight and use it, in combination with any solar power you generate during the day. Octopus rates for Eco 7 are a bit higher than other companies (I believe EDF is better), but you have to balance that against the better SEG rate. You really have to do some homework to figure out how much energy you can shift off-peak, to give your battery the best chance of lasting through the peak rate periods until it's cheap to charge again. You should be able to switch to an ECO 7 tariff if you have a second generation smart meter. They can switch you directly behind the scenes and you don't have to have a separate meter installed. But, this can take a little while and you have to keep on top of them to make sure they do it right. I did this and it took 3 weeks and 6 phone calls, but I haven't regretted it. Do you have an air source heat pump?

    If you do Octopus have just started their "Cosy" tariff for people with heat pumps that gives cheap rates for several hours in the day time.

    To register for a SEG tariff you will need the MCS certificate from your installer and a copy of the DNO letter or e-mail (again your installer should be able to give you this) I think a few companies also ask for a copy of your wiring diagram. Sorry about all the references to Octopus - but that is who I know most about!
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