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Bailiff at Door - No Notice


Basically looking for some advice.

This morning I received a knock on my door from a man who works as a bailiff with Bristow & Suter. I need to make it clear that I was very flustered and upset as soon as he mentioned this as this has never happened to me and I was home alone with my young toddler. Anyway, he tells me I owe £394.00 immediately due to a parking charge from a car park I used to park in when I lived at my old address. I have never received any correspondence regarding this as we moved house months ago. It's my own fault I didn't get more information off of him but my daughter was getting upset, dog barking etc. I told him I didn't have £394.00 at hand (financial crisis etc) and I could pay half today and set up a payment plan - I was told I couldn't do that, he would have to take something from my house that was worth the value and he could even take my car (my car is worth around £7000!) - bear in mind this car park charge will have been for £50 originally so I'm not sure how it has racked up to the amount above. I googled the car park and it is a council owned car park. I received absolutely zero notice that I would have a bailiff knocking at my door.

He said I had 15 minutes to sort something out (I was getting more and more distressed) and if not, he would enforce something to be taken from inside my house. He was never inside my house. Long story short, I called my Dad who kindly transferred me the money and I will now have to pay him back. However, I am just apalled that they can do this, he was even wearing a body cam!? I have tried to call the agency above and demand documents of some sort (he didn't provide me with any form of documentation other than a payment reference) - could someone please give me some sort of advice?

Thank you in advance.


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