Chinese pork loin steaks

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Can anyone tell me the spices they put on the shop bought chinese pork loins that you can get in the supermarkets.  I would like to buy just basic pork loin chops and flavour them myself, as not everyone likes them.  Is it just chinese 5 spice?  I am not sure it is but thought someone on here may know.  Thank you all in advance
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    I dont know the exact ingredients, but you can buy the sachets of the stuff in supermarkets and home bargains, B&M etc for very little. Use what you need and fold over and clip the packet to use another time

    I only ever buy meat I can see, I prefer to add the flavour at home 
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    A quick google will give you a rew recipes, looks like the red colouring is red fermented tofu (or even red colouring!)
    but here's the list of possible ingredients:

    What is Char Siu Sauce?

    A char siu sauce is a mix of various Asian pantry ingredients, including soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, and Chinese five-spice powder. I like to add grated fresh ginger to my marinade for a bit of warm heat.

    Marinade the steaks overnight if possible in a Ziploc bag

    full details here:

    Another recipe here:

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    I find myself looking more & more at ingredients on flavouring sachets & using that as a guide to make my own rubs etc, it helps if you have a local Indian/Asian food store to get ingredients cheap.
    Be careful with 5 spice it can be overpowering even in small quantities.
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