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Avatar Warning. Successful complaint

Another close relative of mine was the recipient of a PCN from Premier Park Ltd after parking in the Peel Centre car park in Blackburn just before Xmas. They went to the cinema and booked their tickets to watch the new Avatar Way of Water movie then went to the adjoining Nando’s for some food. After queueing they were told there was at least a 45 minute wait for a table so decided to go to the nearby Pizza Hut instead. By the time they were seated, ordered and were served they had to eat their food hastily to get back for the start of the film. What none of them realised was that there was a 5 hour limit on the car park (increased from 4 hours previously apparently). Failing completely to meet the BPA guidelines there is no entrance sign and all the signs that mention a 5 hour limit in small print are mounted 8 feet up on lamp posts and would be unreadable on a dark winter evening.

As well as all the adverts and trailers the Avatar film alone is 3 hours 12 minutes long which led to a total of 5 hours and 21 minutes between arrival and departure ANPR times.

Putting Plan A into action we visited Vue Cinemas and asked the ticket collector if we could speak to a manager. A nice young lady came out and we showed her the PCN and explained that it had been sent to genuine customers of the retail park who had watched what is known to be a very long film. We didn’t need to threaten never to use their cinema. She took the details and said she would get it cancelled. I got the distinct impression that we were not the first nor probably the last.

I have checked Premier Park Ltd website today and I am pleased to see ‘This PCN has been cancelled’. I have taken a screenshot as evidence.

For those new to the ‘PCN scam industry ‘ the lesson is don’t immediately start filling in appeals or contact the parking company just because they offer a 14 day prompt payment. They are not interested and only want as much money from you as possible. The direct complaint to the retailer or landowner instead is often successful if they want your custom in future.

A Google search for parking tickets at this site brought up lots of negative press and bad PR on Tripadvisor. Perhaps there has been some changes in PCN complaint management recently along with the change from 4 to 5 hour limit. 

I am minded to write to the Vue Cinema CEO J.Timothy Richards to ask why the PPC that infest this car park do not obey the BPA Code of Practice in relation to signage and why there are no visible signs on the approach to the entrance to the cinema. Their poor practice is impacting customers and therefore Vue’s profitability. I might express my thanks that the company now allow local management to cancel PCNs as the appeal and defence of a claim can be both stressful and time consuming.

I am also wondering about writing to the landowner Tony Brown who is Head of M&G Real Estate and asking the same questions. I might suggest that one of the reasons they are currently marketing the retail park for sale could be a lack of footfall and that the actions of the parking company they have engaged is not helping their profitability from this site.


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    Well done you ...... I would write to Vue Cinema CEO J.Timothy Richards asking why a well respected company employs well known parking scammers like Premier Park Ltd to operate on the premises.

    Were they sold a pup and what a way to destroy their business

    Timothy has a mega problem, he has no idea how many customers he has lost who now wait for the movie to be shown on Netflix or Prime, as it will be

    Timothy would be wise to kick out Premier Park Ltd and any other money scammer from his sites because they are only on site to make money and have no interest in the damage caused to the cinema
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    I have no idea why they even think they need a PPC at all! If they can allow 5 hours then they can allow unrestricted time.

    I bet the car park is never full and there has never been a problrm that even needs addressing.  Large cinema & restaurant retail parks function perfectly well with no parking restrictions. 
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