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MSE News: Virgin Mobile customers will be migrated to O2 plans from March – what you need to know

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Virgin Mobile customers will start being migrated to O2 plans from March this year, Virgin Media O2 has revealed, with millions of mobile customers affected. Here's what you need to know.

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'Virgin Mobile customers will be migrated to O2 plans from March – what you need to know'

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  • saylingsayling Forumite
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    I hadn't realised that Virgin had moved from EE to Vodafone as their underlying supplier, as detailed in the main article... I was under the impression that inclusive EU roaming was a hangover from the EE Business contract arrangements and was quite pleased to continue benefiting from it after EE themselves stopped offering it to consumers. 

    Will there be much difference between the current roaming details and those for the new Virgin O2 service, does anyone know? 
  • ceemageceemage Forumite
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    For those us us who currently have SIM-only Virgin Mobile “for free” (i.e. included in our Virgin Media bundle), will these still be inclusive? I think/hope I know what the answer will be, but want to make sure!

  • ericonabikeericonabike Forumite
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     Concerned about this too. Have free, unlimited data sim at present, which can also be used in EU at no charge. Really don't want to lose it! 
  • The_Only_Homer_Simpson_UKThe_Only_Homer_Simpson_UK Forumite
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    If i read Martins comments correctly and alongside  the current offer Virgin are offering us as my OHs 12 mth contract comes to an end in Feb   they are offering a  Sim only  deal at 20gb data and ultd text and calls   for £8 per rolling month contract ---- which if i read it right means when transferred over to O2 then data will double to 40GB ?  as per below comment : 

    You won't pay any more on O2 – and will have your data boosted

    All customers will receive unlimited texts and calls, and either double or unlimited mobile data. For example, if you currently receive 5GB a month data with Virgin Mobile, you'll receive 10GB a month once you've moved to O2. Those who currently have a 25GB to 50GB plan will get boosted to 100GB a month, and those on a 51GB plan or higher will receive unlimited data.

    Must be a winner  particularly  be better still if another Virgin offer drops in on MSE before  they switch to O2 ??
    as I managed to get the Amazon voucher  20gb deal myself a couple of weeks ago which came in around £6.20 ish per month for the same20gb data and calls etc 

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