Scaffolding - council building is neighbour

Hello - new to MSE and house maintenance!

Our next door neighbour is a building made up of council owned flats and a few privately owned flats (I think). We live in a detached house next door, but one side of the house we can't access without being on their land. We would like to repaint the exterior of our house and clean guttering. This has not been done in many years. Do we just approach the council for permission to erect scaffolding on their land and for the contractors to do the work? Is there anything we should be aware of and do the council normally give any problems in this situation?

Thanks for any advice!


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    Are there any notice boards in the entrance to the block with details of a block manager or similar detailed?
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    If they're council flats try asking your councils housing department. If they can't help try asking the residents.
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    Good morning OP

    Two options

    Contact the council housing dept.

    And or go into the front entrance/lobby area and look at the notice board/d for the contact details of the management team/housing officer, etc etc. All council/HA and even some private blocks do have that info if it has not been torn down.


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    I believe you do have right of access to adjoining land in order to do essential maintenance on property, but it's always best to speak to the owner first if you can.
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