Bankruptcy approved, a fresh start awaits

After nearly 2 decades of financial chaos, I’ve finally grabbed the bull by the horns and taken charge of my future.

To give a little back story, my partner died 15 years ago of alcoholism related illness and I was left caring for not only our shared child but also his 3 from a previous marriage. Unemployed and unable to find work that fit around the children, with no prospects of earning enough to afford childcare, my finances spiralled even more than they had when supporting a “multiple bottles of scotch a day” addiction and I accrued debt that has persistently plagued me ever since. Eventually the step children moved on, and I started a business which kept me going but was never successful enough to get me out of the hole.

Fast forward a few years and a combination of pressures from the pandemic, Brexit and the start of the cost of living crisis forced me to close down the business. I found work, but as my employer has been struggling nearly as much as I had been my hours have been very hit and miss, meaning over the past year my situation has got even worse to the point where I wasn’t even able to cover the household bills never mind tackle the debt.

I eventually pulled the trigger at the start of the year, and my bankruptcy was approved. A clean slate, a fresh start.

In the past week it’s as of an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders, no more debt collector calls and letters, no more bailiffs at the door, no more hiding away. I’ve been able to set up payments for my utilities again without the millstone of enormous debt that has built up, and just today the OR has contacted me to confirm I won’t have an IPA.

I’be also managed to find a new job, just waiting for the DBS check to come back and then I can start - it’ll give me the security of regular hours, and whilst the pay is nothing special it means I’ll be able to keep my head above the water, pay my bills and put food on the table. I get a little support from universal credit as my youngest is still at home, and whilst the new job will mean an increase in wage I still shouldn’t have an IPA to worry about.

A massive thanks you to everybody who’s inspirational posts have helped me find the strength to do this, and to those of you like me worrying about how to make that break and give yourselves a future, please know that there is hope and you will get there. I did, so you can too.

11.5 months until complete freedom, and who knows maybe I will eventually be able to retire after all. 🤞❤️


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    You've had a really tough time over the last couple of decades. 

    Make sure all your income streams go into your new account, and start building yourself some sort of emergency fund as soon as you are able too. 

    No doubt you've learned to make a pound stretch like three, but do explore the other forums for tips that might help you have a little more to enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing and the very best wishes for the future.
    The person who has not made a mistake, has made nothing
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    It’s a great feeling isn’t it. I was made bankrupt on 7th December. I only had the narrative statement sent to me a week ago to sign due to the Xmas period which was great as I had done most of Xmas shopping and no worry of my debts as normal and by next Xmas I will be discharged. So I’m not sure what happens next or if it’s just a case of sit back and wait forDecember. My only issue at min is done UC deductions that were taken after the order date which they and my supplier refuse to refund even though they are no longer entitled it so I’ve asked the OR to get involved. 

    I still have creditors threatening to take me to court for a CCJ etc as they seem to be ignoring the bankruptcy order and still pressuring me for payment so I tell them I would like to see them try but I will see them in court if they do as the judge would probably throw it out anyway.
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    Yes, you just respond to any claim form by ticking 'defend in full' and stating your bankruptcy number and date.

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    Congratulations, and well done on sorting your life out.

    Good luck to you.
    Ex MSE Board Guide.

    More than a third of IVA`s fail....fact.
    Could A Debt Relief Order help you ?
    Never pay a fee for a Debt Management Plan.
    For free non-judgemental debt advice, contact either : Stepchange, National Debtline, or CitizensAdviceBureaux.
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    Location depending, take a walk outside in a park / the countryside / the beach.
    Breath the air in deeply and see that it tastes better now you have freedom.
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
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