How to get dentist to agree and work out a plan instead of wanting to wait and see when in pain?

I cracked a molar tooth in November and it took 3 dental appointments before my dentist agreed that it was cracked and had to come out. Last weds I go and she tried to pull the tooth for an hour, sectioning it and even asking her superior to help, but it's left me with 4 roots that I need to see a surgeon for. Thats meant to happen sunday on a fit me in at the end kind of thing.

Now comes the fun bit.. recovering from 2 hours of yanking and cutting will take a while but 3 days ago the pain started getting more intense, and worse until today I have an abcess on the premolar next to it... I am on antibiotics.

I've looked at the tooth and it's cracked too. How do I make her see that and offer to help me? Im so fed up of being in dental pain.
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