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I have to file a tax return for 8 days SE last year. I have Bipolar and last time I didn't/couldn't file, I got fined. A wonderful charity called TaxAid bailed me out and the charges were cancelled by HMRC. I was suicidal at the time and provided medical evidence and I just cannot do it myself, despite trying.

I cannot apply to TaxAid as I now earn above the income threshold they help people with. I need to find an accountant. 

I have found Tax Scouts online who are charging 199/219? Is this legit? I really cannot do it myself, I can't get past the login page.

Also, how do I tell HMRC that I am no longer SE? This should be the last year I have to file a tax return.

Can anyone recommend an online accountancy firm?

Help, I cannot get fined again as I would have no money to pay the fines. Please help. I'm financially incompetent.


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    Can you not reset your password and stuff to login. 
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    Hey @PM22,

    I was self employed for a year or two, I told HMRC that I was unable to fill out the forms myself due to my health conditions, and instead they arranged for me to meet one of their representatives at my local Job Centre.

    They were kind and I just brought all my figures (how much I made, how much I spent, and the difference between the two I think I needed to know) and they sat down with me and filled out the forms for me, using the figures I gave.

    I can't remember if there was a name for this help, it was something to do with accessibility for people with disabilities I think. Anyway, it was free, and a life saver for me. I hope it's still around for you.
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    Do you have a close friend or family member that you can ask over for a couple of hours to help? If you have your statements and everything to hand, it's not that onerous a process, and shouldn't take too long
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    PM22 said:
    I have to file a tax return for 8 days SE last year...

    I have found Tax Scouts online who are charging 199/219? Is this legit?.
    Are you going direct to the website, not some middleman adding on their cut? On the website they quote £149 inc VAT.

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    That sounds ridiculously expensive. I am a book keeper and submit tax returns for clients. I am in the SW and charge £50 which is pretty standard in our neck of the woods. Try phoning some local book keepers and get a few quotes, you should save some money.
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    the return does not have to be in until the 31 jan so you still have a complete month

    just google tax returns in the area you live in and someone should do it for less then £150 after you send the return in just write hmrc a letter and tell them you have finished self employment and they will take you off self assessment
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    I think you can earn £1000/yr from SE without having to declare it, if that's any help? Worth exploring, if that applies to you.
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    Lots of good suggestions here but firstly I’d say that the actual SA form itself really isn’t difficult at all, but it does need a calm approach and taking one step at a time. 

    The first thing to sort out is the login issue - do you have a Government Gateway login? If not then you will need that first, and that is a job to tackle immediately as I seem to recall one part of the process involves information being sent by post, or at least it used to. The good news is it’s useful for all sorts of things, not just the SA return. 

    I’d suggest doing that first, and then finding a number for the HMRC helpline and giving them a call to check the SE situation as pointed out by TheAble above - I had a feeling there was a £1000 limit to additional earnings before the need to declare, so slightly different to the suggestion above. Worth checking though. When you are on to HMRC you can if it looks like you do need to do the form also have a conversation about whether any help might be available. 

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    Ask for the HMRC Needs Extra Support team, they should help you if you explain the situation. 
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    Thanks for all of your replies. I actually was so panicked I went with Tax Scouts for £149 and they completed and filed my tax return within 24 hours. This was done by a registered accountant. I can't speak highly enough of them. It's a simple enough task to do yourself but I have tried and tired and just couldn't get to grips with it.

    I earned so little that I have to pay £2 tax. I'm £4 in credit from my last tax return so nothing to pay. I'm so happy I can sleep at night ad it's done and dusted and I was happy to pay the £149 to avoid the massive fines. 

    Thanks for all your replies though.
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