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9 Night Trip of a Lifetime to Malaysia thanks to Lakshmi7

I was notified I had won on 07/01/2020, and the trip was arranged for March 2020. It was through National Geographic with Business Class flights with Malaysia Airline, 3 nights at the Four Seasons Hotel, 3 nights at Miri Marriott and 3 nights Mulu Marriott. Then unfortunately Covid happened so the trip was postponed and all involved agreed to extend a couple of times. The extension was until mid May 2022, so at the end of April 2022 as soon as Malaysia started allowing passengers from the UK to enter without quarantine I contacted them about the holiday. I was told none of the companies involved would extend any further. As they were big well known companies I did ask if there was even a chance of being allowed to stay at one of their UK hotels for a couple of nights but have been told they won’t even do that. 


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    What a great win for it to end like that is horrible, not your fault that you could not take the prize, Covid Issues prevented anyone from traveling, it does seem like they have given it with one hand and taken it away with the other!
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  • emilyrhia1996emilyrhia1996 Forumite
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    That is devastating! I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Certainly doesn't seem fair at all!
    Thank you to everyone who posts comps 💕

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  • JADE251110JADE251110 Forumite
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    Ah no so you didn't get to go? What a  shame :( I would definitely do a bit a moan tweet to the comp organiser and associated companies. I generally get good responses from companies if you call them out on social media.   
    Comping for fun! Good luck everyone ❤️
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    That's really poor. They should have honoured the prize as a gesture of goodwill. 
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    if you have the terms and condition's still , i would get someone with legal knowledge to take a look. i have won things before and had to accept i wont get it in the end ( i designed packaging in a competition , and they used my idea and the company i entered with suddenly disappeared, was years ago)
    but this is a massive prize and they should give you compensation.      
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    I am so sorry this has happened to you :( very unfair, and being big companies you would have thought they would have honoured them. Hopefully a little bad press going their way will help them change their minds! 
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    The same thing happened to me, I won a dream hotel stay to Italy in 2020 then COVID happened. They sent me an email stating that the hotel would extend the dates, then sent me another stating that the hotel refused to extend and the first email was incorrect. Then they got super pushy and rude, pushing me to book flights mid pandemic. I told them to do one! 
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