O/S Daily Tuesday 27th December

Good morning, I don't know what it's like outside, but yesterday was very cold (not that I went anywhere, just to the dustbin)
Glad to see that everyone seems to have had a nice Christmas Day. We had a riotous time at dd's holiday place in Weardale. Her partner's family were there as well, so with two 4 year olds, a two year old and a nearly 10 year old it was lively.
We had a great day though, and just flopped in front of the tv when we got home.
Dp1, it's nice that your Dgd got her bike and it had wheels and pedals! you can't deny it, they do make a difference!
Yesterday we weren't out, just did a bit of tidying up, and sat about a lot eating sweets.
Today we might go out for a while.
Thinking of our poorly and sad people - take care folks.


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