Scams courtesy of "Which"

In early 2022, consumers were tantalised by claims that an energy-saving device could cut their electricity bills by ‘up to 90%’. 

The product was Voltex, previously known as Motex. When Which? investigated Motex, plus four other similar ‘energy-saving’ devices for sale on Amazon and eBay, none passed our safety tests. In fact, they were so poorly made they were at risk of causing fires or electric shocks.

We also found no evidence that any would actually save energy. Motex has since been the subject of a national product recall

In a separate case, the £40 EcoDriver – described as a ‘chip tuning box’ that plugs into the on-board diagnostics port of a car – claimed to reduce fuel consumption ‘by up to 55%’. 

There's no evidence that this works. Remapping your engine can be damaging to your car, increasing fuel consumption rather than decreasing it. In addition, it might invalidate your warranty and insurance.

Lieutentant Pidgeon saves money


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     ‘up to 90%’. 

    ‘by up to 55%’.

    I always regard the phrase 'up to..' is pretty meaningless and of course it includes zero, which covers their backs. 
    Personally I think claims like this should ideally be worded as 'at least...' with some independent evidence to back up those claims.
    It's never going to happen though......
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    Look on Youtube for videos by"Big Clive" where he "reviews" these devices, dismantles and reveals what they actually are. The O.B.D. thing is just  an electronic circuit that controls a couple of l.e.d.s to give the impression it's doing something. They remap nothing.
    The power saver - well it's not!
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