Did I fall for the air fryer fad?

I've wanted an air fryer for almost a year now. I finally shelled out for the Ninja 400 despite my wife saying it looks too bulky and will just be a fad.

I've used it twice now, and I think I might have to swallow my pride and tell my wife she was right.


- Cooks quicker than the oven and doesn't need to warm up

- Food is crispier


- Have to shake every 5 mins

- Two huge baskets to clean by hand afterwards, versus just chucking foil in the bin and putting oven tray in the dishwasher. This seems to completely negate any time saved cooking

- The kitchen cupboard door/unit above the fryer was saturated with condensation after using it. This was with two windows, the extractor fan on and the air fryer pulled out away from the wall. I'm thinking this will cause the cupboard door above to delaminate fast

Do I need to give it a bit more time or did I fall for all the hype?


  • molerat
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    You shouldn't really be using any steamy / hot device under a cupboard.  I often use my steam making cooking devices on a board on top of the hob with the extractor running.
  • Maybe you fell for the Ninja fad rather than the air fryer fad? 

    I have a 6.5l Uten Air fryer that cost £60 and I use it every day (sometimes twice a day). I only ever shake it if the basket is full. Even then it's only once. It sits on an open space on the countertop so not beneath any cabinets (I imagine the ninja is more difficult to find space for). And cleaning the basket is far easier than cleaning the oven! 
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    molerat said:
    You shouldn't really be using any steamy / hot device under a cupboard.  I often use my steam making cooking devices on a board on top of the hob with the extractor running.

    Yes, we have a big stainless gas hob with hood above, but no electrical socket nearby. I think it would look odd sat on there.

    In my previous house I had a glass electric hob with a hood and socket nearby and I can imagine it would have worked there.
  • Postik
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    And cleaning the basket is far easier than cleaning the oven! 
    This was one of the things that drew me to an air fryer. But often we would get away with chucking foil from the oven in the bin and putting the tray in the dishwasher, or even just giving it a wipe with a sponge. Yes, eventually the oven needs cleaning and it's a pain, but I am trying to weigh that against having to clean the air fryer basket by hand every single day.

  • cymruchris
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    I've recently bought a combined air fryer and pressure cooker - probably about 3 weeks ago. The oven hasn't been switched on since. You can get disposable basket liners, so that when you're done you can throw them away, and it'll keep the tray relatively clean that you won't need to go at it every day with the scouring pad. I've just bought silicone re-usable ones that you can pop in the dishwasher - but haven't tried them yet.

    I cooked a whole chicken in it for the first time the other week - as it's a pressure cooker as well - it was used on that mode first, and then the air fry grill - very moist chicken, well cooked, with a crispy skin. So far I can't say I've seen any downsides. Location wise - you'll have to think about where to put it so that it's not under a cupboard if possible. They use a lot less power than an oven, so you could get yourself a nice block of marble or something to put onto your hob, place it on top (under the extractor) and then use a short, decent quality power extension to reach the nearest socket. (Making sure that if it's on a reel it's fully unwound).
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    Yep definitely a fad in my opinion. 

    I have friends who swear by them but I find them bulky inconvenient eyesores on the worktop. 

    If I want a moist chicken I will either put it in the oven, or on the bbq or in my wood fired oven. None of this so many minutes on air fry malarkey. 

    I did buy one years ago before the world went mad for them and I gave it away, I see lots on my local buy and sell groups too so seems a few people don’t get one with them either. 

    Each to their own though x
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    we had a small airfryer years ago which we had to shake the food but was useful for my son on nights

    pre covid it gave up the ghost so we bought a large Ninja air fryer/health grill.    large square surface so food can be spread and no shaking required.   we really use it every day and the main oven rarely goes on.   we line the base pan with foil which gets changed every few days and bought an extra inner pan so we swap them in and out of the dishwasher

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    I use my air fryer at least 6 days a week...cooks food more evenly than my conventional oven,is quicker and is easy to clean.
    Fad ? No,you either bought the wrong one or aren't using it to it's fullest.
    I'd recommend the twin drawer Sur la table to anyone in the market for one.....I wouldn't recommend a single drawer air fryer at all
  • We bought an airfryer when our oven died, so we use it nightly.
    We went for a small mid-range Tefal thou, as its just for two of us, and if we were going to shell out for a Ninja we would have just bought a new oven instead.

    We are happy with it, although it is LOUD! 
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    Add it to the breadmaker, slow cooker, pancake maker, sandwich toaster, soup maker, nutribullet, food processor, pressure cooker, George Forman grill and any other number of kitchen appliances which are used for a few mknths and end up in the cupboard!
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