The 'Happy Christmas' noteboard

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Is there a Forumite you'd like to wish a happy Christmas to? Please tag them below by typing @ followed by their username.


I'd like to publicly send big thanks and best wishes for a merry Christmas to the MSE Forum Ambassadors: @BlueJ94, @Browntoa, @Misslayed@Dizzy_Ditzy, @Dobbibill, @enthusiasticsaver, @Glad, @I_Love_comps@heatherw_01, @K_S, @mark55man, @sarah1972, @silvercar, @soolin, @victor2, @Westie983, @MallyGirl



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    Advent-ures in the MSE Forum | Merry Christmas!

    On Christmas Day, let us introduce you to The 'Happy Christmas' noteboard. Leave a message here for a fellow Forumite.

    Thank you for joining our Advent-ure calendar and exploring the community.

    🌟 🎀 ✨ 🎀 🌟 🎀 ✨
    Official MSE Forum Team member.

    Please report all problem posts to [email protected]
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    And a Merry Christmas to all the regular and more posters to forums involving us in some way. The forum is a fantastic resource when people are supportive and helpful - and it helps us to understand further where our role fits in the often much bigger scheme of things re home purchasing and more. Well done MSE and it’s forumites 
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    I am the official company representative of Land Registry. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company, so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the companies with permission to post list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE"
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    Hi ty to all!

    To those still ploughing through debt i know this time of year can feel very bleak and dark. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are on your way to improving things. You may not be where you want to be, but you are not where you were. 

    Whether this was learning how to manage money better, set up a payment plan, acheive savings, start a savibgs/debt challenge, well done! 

    Please look after you this holiday 
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    Thank you @Coupon-mad for your tireless work on the Parking boards. Merry Christmas and NY.
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