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Hi everyone, 
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or advice. I got a letter last year that I had been overpaid on tax credits from 2018. At those times we called and asked and were told it was a mistake to ignore them and so we did. Fast forward over the years to 2021 and getting the original letter. My ex wife called as she got one for half the amount. She also appealed the total amount over £3000 and asked for calls from those years when we were told to ignore letters of overpayments. 8 weeks apparently to a response to that, we're still waiting. Meanwhile mine was passed to advantis credit and I did pay a small amount. Mostly due to it coming at a horrible time with us seperating and the costs of all that. I explained all that to advantis and they didn't care. They just wanted the money. So I paid small amounts when I could. I got a letter from HMRC about 5 weeks ago with the debt still outstanding and so I tried to call about it several times. Couldn't get through. Got another two days ago and I'm currently in work on hold for the last 1hr 47 mins. I leave for work 7am and get home between 6.20 and 6.40 by which time they are closed. I'm taking a risk in work sitting on my phone trying to contact them but what else am I supposed to do? They have been taking it out of my ex wife's UC but I'm not entitled to any kind of benefits. How are people supposed to set up payment plans if they can't get talking to anyone? Also what can I do about the complaint and appeal never being responded to? I'm in northern ireland and I'm now freaking out they will take it out of my wages from my employer leaving me with nothing. I simply can't afford the £1309 at the moment due to other debts / payment plans. I'm only £79 from finally clearing my rent debt along with a few bnpl plans. I'm just at a loss as to what to do. Can they be written to or do you have to sit day after on hold? 

Sorry this turned into more of a rant than anything. But I appreciate any ideas or advice 

Have a good day 


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    You could try the complaints process

    Complaints or change of circumstances

    Send complaints or changes in your circumstances to this address. You do not need to include a street name or PO box.

    Make it clear why you’re writing. For example, write ‘change of circumstances’ or ‘complaint’ at the top of your letter.

    Couriers should use a different address.

    HM Revenue and Customs
    Tax Credit Office
    BX9 1ER
    United Kingdom

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    Where a joint claim is overpaid, it is usually taken from the following years claim.  If there is a loss of entitlement then its sits in arrears until they get around to sorting it.  Regardless of the circumstances a joint claim is usually split half/half between claimants.  equally and I usually get this the wrong way around, tax credits was ran by HMRC but the overpayment may be from another department.

    I very much doubt they will listen to a complaint as there is strict time frames for this to occur.  So your best action is to ask for a payment agreement.  Easier to do over the phone, normally.

    Good luck.
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