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Large family? What food could I take

Mayaboo Posts: 95 Forumite
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edited 18 December 2022 at 11:07PM in Old style MoneySaving
I'm visiting my daughter for Xmas and she's a very tired lady with 7 children and an excellent partner. She works part time and barely has a minutes peace. 
She's not even got time to message a lot of the time, so I'm asking you what foods - edit - offerings- I could take , as a mum that might be welcomed.
I'm taking a big box of chocs as she's suggested. Thank you, ladies.



  • diystarter7
    Ask her and insist.

    Enjoy. Happy Christmas :)
  • Mayaboo
    Mayaboo Posts: 95 Forumite
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    edited 18 December 2022 at 10:54PM
    Ask her and insist.

    Enjoy. Happy Christmas :)
    She reads messages, but doesn't reply most of the time.
    I understand.If I ask her things, she says , I'm at work I haven't even got time to think.
  • theoretica
    theoretica Posts: 12,348 Forumite
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    Are you asking about Christmas day foods or more everyday?  My thought would be the sorts of things that take a lot of chopping or are best cooked for a long time.  Sauces - just add pasta. Home made fruit cake.  What were her favourite things growing up?  But will she have room in the fridge/freezer?
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  • Mayaboo
    Mayaboo Posts: 95 Forumite
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    edited 18 December 2022 at 11:03PM
    No, sorry, I'm thinking about what dishes , or offerings I could take that she'd welcome.
    Shes time-poor.Is it just wholesale mince pies??!!Trifles? I've got one night in a hotel before I get to her 
  • Brambling
    Brambling Posts: 5,176 Forumite
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    It depends on her finances the kids may appreciate chocolate or treats but would she appreciate the money spent on groceries for example the fruit or veg brought? 

    Personally if you're staying in a hotel overnight I wouldn't take trifle! 

    Are you able to ask her partner what they need or like
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  • Wicked_Lady
    I'd cook something like a large cake/gingerbread/flapjack for a start.

    Presuming you're travelling by car then you could take anything to help out. Maybe some nice cereals/fruit. If you know anyone with a Costco card then they do large trays of croissants/part baked bread products etc at decent prices.

    Difficult to choose; day to day catering for a family of nine sounds extremely time consuming.
  • Longwalker
    Give her a voucher for whatever shop she uses, and send it now so she can use it before Christmas ( e voucher )
  • maman
    maman Posts: 28,673 Forumite
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    You could tell her to leave everything to you and you'll bring the complete Christmas dinner and other food for the day with you and cook it when you get there. A frozen turkey would defrost on the way/use a cool bag. Take advantage of the supermarket veg wars. 

    All the extras like cheeses, pickles, crisps, chocolates, cake, nice biscuits can be eaten over the holiday or will last them into the new year.

    Of course, it does depend on how much you can afford to spend. 🤔
  • Rosa_Damascena
    Rosa_Damascena Posts: 6,331 Forumite
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    edited 19 December 2022 at 2:04AM
    I would take something that doesn't take up much space in the fridge or oven, and something that is going to occupy the kids. And if there are plenty of adults drinking, a magnum of Prosecco!

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  • Floss
    Floss Posts: 8,306 Forumite
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    Why not message her, give her 3 time options for "a quick phone call about what I can bring for Christmas" and ask. But before you call her, write down different options / questions like

    Meat - have you bought it?
    Veg - what veg will we have?
    Pudding - would the children prefer a yule log? 
    Chocolate/treats / biscuits - shall I bring some?
    X/Y/Z meal while I am staying - I will cook so you don't have to, lasagne or spaghetti bol?

    When I stay with my son & daughter-in-law I always take something and also cook at least once, buying or taking the ingredients. They don't have children & have more disposable income than me but that's not the point, it eases the burden of having a guest.
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