Clearscore notification meaning???

I have two unsecured loans with NatWest which have been defaulted since 2019 and appear like that (defaulted) in my credit score since then. I've had a payment agreement with them and always kept my agreement since I entered a DMP.
About a month ago I wrote to NatWest to request a consideration for a write off  of my debts. I received a letter 23rd November asking for more information (like a budget and such and letters of other creditors that have written off debts for me, which are actually a bunch) so that they can consider my request, all very normal procedures. I am still compiling that info so I haven't sent that back just yet, so they haven't heard from me.

Today my clearscore app has notified me that something is changing in my report. The app tells me that "an unsecured loan will be removed from your next credit report" and this notification appears twice. Both are for my natwest accounts. What does this mean exactly?? Does this mean that they have already decided to close and not pursue my debt or is this just another thing unrelated to that?

I will call the specialist team anyway on Monday to make sure what's going on but I wonder if any of you guys have any idea of what this could be other than they actually deciding to write them off. I don't want to have my hope up for them to be crushed... cos this is the last debt I have that haven't been paid or written off!


TOTAL DEBT JUNE 2019: £38,233.87 Aiming debt free mid 2023


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