Need a book for a Christmas present aka google help with Radio 4

Google help.....does anyone know how to find out what books were being read on Radio 4 in September and October?

I know there was one that I thought the OH would like and I know he hasn't bought it. But I can't remember what it was. I've looked at the BBC site but it doesn't give dates for the books. I think it might be Owl Sense (Darlington) or The Woods (Lewis-Semple) but I'm not sure as there are no dates showing for when these were on. 

I know there used to be pamphlet in the bookshops that listed all the books on radio etc so that when someone went in asking for something the staff would be able to find it.  But I don't think that exists anymore as, of course, now we all google!!

Need to get him a book in the next 9 days....
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