Microwave Heat Pads

Argos sells a "Fleece Wheat Warmer" for £8. You heat them in the microwave and then they are supposed to help with aches and pains.

Touch wood, I don't have too many aches and pains yet, but does anyone use these as a simple way of keeping the chill off during this cold spell? It would certainly be cheaper than running the electric fan heater.

Product description is:
"This microwaveable heatpack helps you relieve aches and pains with treated wheat grains and dried lavender flowers. The natural herbal heatpack is 100% natural and contains no drugs or chemicals. Its treated wheat grains and dried lavender flowers act as a relaxer and can give you many hours of relief."


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    Wilko was selling them a couple of years back at £4 a pop.  They are brilliant.  Been using mine daily.

    The smell when heated is a bit like a bakery on a summer day.  Ours don't have lavender in them (might be why they are cheaper and frankly I'd have paid more as I love lavender) but are great, much easier than a hot water bottle and keep the heat for quite a long time.  Do make sure you occasionally put a glass of water in the microwave with them as the moisture helps them retain the heat.  
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    My friends said get a hot water bottle but I ignored them and bought a microwaveable doodah.  They were right.  It’s going to the charity shop.  Gets warm but not as hot as you need to relieve aches and pains, or warm enough to keep you warm..  
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    They are good for localised heat on the body. But will not be a substitute for a actual heater to keep you warm as a whole.

    Maybe look at a heat pad or Mrs swears by a heated fleece to keep warm. Very cheap to run.
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    I prefer a hot water bottle. The wheat bags I have had don't seem to stay warm for very long and they seem to devlop an odd smell after a few uses, a bit like musty toast.
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    I had one ,it was great till it got nibbled by a mouse! I now have 2 of the bags filled with ceramic beads which do the same job, I find they (both kinds) stayed warm a long time and great for cold feet or back and neck aches. 
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    My mother destroyed my microwave by leaving one in too long. I think it's more vulnerable when the wheat has been heated over and over again and gets very dry and brittle.
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