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Gas taken £110 in 12 days

Hi so I now gas and electric prices have risen but I have noticed these last couple off weeks I have to keep topping up I have just mounted up and I have put £110 in gas in 12 days and need to top up again now today and I have put £107 in electric in last 12 days this also needs topping up is anyone else topping up around this amount and does anyone now roughly what the average monthly cost is for gas and electric thanks 


  • markin
    markin Posts: 3,854 Forumite
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    How many KWH of both? If you have gas heating the electric is usually only a little higher than summer, is the a water tank heater thats been left on?
  • Aylesbury_Duck
    I suspect £9 per day when it's cold like this is perfectly feasible.  I'm sure some people are spending much more, and some much less.  An average won't help your own situation.
  • jimjames
    jimjames Posts: 17,686 Forumite
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    I'd estimated our gas & electric would be around £500 per month over the winter so that seems to match your use. But it's probably not much help as our house and usage is unlikely to be similar to yours.
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  • cnetwork
    Crazy crazy times, gas & electric here estimating just shy of £550  :/ 
    Hard to believe how times have changed 1.98p one year to 10.24p this year | ~ 417% increase in costs just for gas
  • macman
    macman Posts: 53,098 Forumite
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    Without knowing how the property is heated and hot watered, or even how large the property is, or how many hours a day the heating is on, or at what temp, no one can help you. Give us your kWh usage for the periods on each fuel.
    Do you have debt on the meter being recovered?
    If you have gas CH and DHW then I's expect the leccy to be less than half that of the gas, but £9 per day for gas at present temps is not unduly high.
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  • piperm87
    piperm87 Posts: 222 Forumite
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    edited 13 December 2022 at 12:22PM
    Were spending around £9 a day at the minute just on gas, which i felt was high but i dont actually feel too bad now i'm reading the forums. Last night we hit £10 for the first time and went to bed at 9:30 just so i could turn the heating off. I dont usually go to bed until 11pm ....

    Our Electric is around £3 - 4 a day at the minute but i'm on a time of use Octopus EV tarriff... everything thats not needed gets turned off via a plug these days and charging the car, washing machine / tumble dryer and even sterilizing my baby daughters bottles gets done during the cheap hours in the night.
  • EssexHebridean
    The gas seems pretty feasible assuming you heat with gas. Electric does seem high though - that's going to be substantially higher than our use (and I mean a lot higher!) and we are all-electric for everything aside from the cooker. 

    Someone suggests an immersion heater (for the water) left switched on - is that a possibility? Or do you use electric showers and people have been spending longer in the shower to try to warm up? 
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  • wrf12345
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    These kind of heating costs you should be buying 50mm insulated plasterboard and fixing it internally to all the walls that face outwards and downsizing existing windows (unless they are south facing, hi spec triple glazing)... the upside is it's almost as cheap to buzz off to Spain for three months as pay UK heating costs.
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