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  • Debsnewbudget
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    I have just tidied up one of the garden patches and taken all the remaining rhubarb off the plant.  Seems like its OK to cook and freeze, but now I am worried I should have left some stalks on ?  
    Should I have ? 
  • willow_loulou
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    mandy47 said:
    Just received an email informing me that my energy DD is going up £18 a month. I'm almost £300 in credit. We can't possibly cut back any more. I read all the hints, tips and ideas on this forum and we try many of them. 
    Talking to friends I have discovered that we spend less on grocery,  clothes, transport and going out than all of them. We even grow loads of our own fruit and veg.
    We barely used the heating last year relieing on our wood burners.
    Haven't used the tumble dryer in over a year. 
    The shower is one of our main energy problems. I've cut back from 7 days a week to 4. DH 7 down to 5. DD still on 7 but she's reduced the time she's in there. 
    Looks like trying to pick up a bit more overtime at work. 
    It’s a little odd it’s gone up when the rates have gone down, might be worth contacting them to check it’s right and ask for a projection to see where they’re going with the increase. 
    A tip I keep banging on about at work is unplug it and switching things off at the wall. It never ceases to amaze me that people leave the kettle, microwave etc on at the switch still, I’m forever turning things off at work. We’re a charity so every penny counts. I’m sure you do turn everything off but thought I’d mention it.
    i fee your pain, I’ve done everything I can to cut out spend but I’m still paying £500 more than last year and it makes me so cross. Do you do prolific surveys? They’re the most palatable surveys - no brand and home insurance nonsense. I’ve earned £120 this year on it. 

    Life happens, live it well.
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