Eating bird seeds to save money

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I was in my local high street earlier and noticed big bags of peanuts and bird seeds. It was a massive bargain at Wilko and if I'm honest they really don't taste bad at all. I'm pretty stuffed and pleased with the value so thought I'd share this? How come regular nuts and seeds are so expensive? Seems like exactly the same thing.


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    As a guess…

    The seeds and nuts  used for bird food are probably those that don’t meet the standards to be sold for human consumption.   The levels of aflatoxins and other chemicals are strictly controlled in seeds and nuts for humans.  I suspect bird seed does not have to meet these same standards.  Some seed / nut processing plants might sell off their old stock, or products not suitable for humans to bird food suppliers as a way to recover some costs.

    The side effects of eating products not intended for humans might be cumulative rather than experienced after one meal. 

    The levels and types of pesticides present are also probably different.   Bird seed could be sprayed with a pesticide to allow it be kept longer.  This pesticide may not be allowed on food for humans.  

    The hygiene conditions during production may also not meet the same standards that they would have to for human food production.   I would guess they would have to meet the requirements for animal feed hygiene.  

    Personally, bird food is not for me…

    Many thanks for a very informative post and one of the best posts around!!

    I'm not sure if the OP is serious (sorry OP)  but whatever the reason, you have taught me something new and that is rare these days.

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    Not just pesticides, but fungi, yeast, bacteria, rodent and insect leavings...  If you are going to eat them it might limit the risk to wash them.  As needed to be done with far more foodstuffs before modern western hygiene.
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    MalMonroe said:
    Hmmmm. Is this a real question?  I have some doubts.

    But anyway, if you look on the wild bird peanut pack from Wilko it says quite clearly that the contents are not for human consumption. In bold.

    That's because peanuts and seeds prepared for wild birds don't have to undergo such rigorous testing as those for humans. I'd rather pay more for the human version than end up in hospital because I thought that eating food designed for wild birds was cheaper.

    Hopefully your body will do its thing and get rid of all the detritus. . .  but if I were you I'd leave those bags for the birds. Because you're going to be really ill. And you shouldn't eat nuts and seeds until you're 'stuffed' even if they are fit for human consumption because well, you know, detritus again. . . 

    But I really do suspect that this is just a wind up . . . I've seen something very similar recently on this forum. . .
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    Well I feel absolutely fine having had a good nibble and a gorge on the bird seats. I'm going on the assumption that they simply wouldn't sell this stuff if it was 'that' dangerous. It's absolutely inevitable that sooner or later someone or some kid is going to try and 'eat' one? Meanwhile, I was reading that in the Welsh Valley's some people are resorting to eating dog food due to financial circumstances!! Some might laugh at all this, bird seed, dog food etc but a lot of us are really struggling to survive and feed ourselves properly right now. This might seem utterly alien and bizarre to the M&S and Waitrose shopping elite (which I suspect lurk these supposed money saving halls)
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    Is a tin of dog food cheaper than a tin of basic baked beans??

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