Council Tax Reduction

I have a Single Person Council Tax Reduction and 4 children. One turned 18 two years ago, finished A Levels at college when she had just turned 19 and was due to go to university but didn't. This year, after she turned 20, she started away at university.

I have just had a letter from the council, asking for a certificate from her university to show she isn't living here now. I can get this, but it will have started this Sept/October. There will be about a year when she wasn't in education, when I think she or I should have been paying more.

Just wondering then, what will happen? Will she be charged as another adult, for that period, or will it just go up to the full amount before my exemption? Will I pay extra for not telling them? I don't remember being asked about this, but it's possible that they asked me what was happening, before the end of her course, when she was intending to go straight onto higher education. I have another child who has just turned 18 and is still in education, and they got in touch with me straight away.


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    The 25% single person discount is a discount because you are the only adult living in the property. It's not council tax reduction. When your daughter left full time education for that year then you should have reported the changes because you were no longer the only adult in the house.
    You will likely owe them some money so you need to contact them ASAP and report the changes. Now she's a student again you'll be entitled to the 25% discount again.
    Did your child benefit and other benefits stop for her when she left full time education because they should have.
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    Thank you. Yes, child tax credits stopped and Child Benefit. 
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