Are Sainsburys Christmas delivery slots out yet?

I've just purchased a delivery pass for Sainsburys, as started to use them a bit more now. Can't see any slots showing available after 15th Dec. Are they not out yet, or already all full? 
Making the debt go down and the savings go up, one day at a time.

LBM 2015 - debt at £57K / Feb '23 now £34,680

Mortgage at 1st March 2023  £28,026
Total Mortgage Overpayments in 2022 was £240. 
Total Overpayments so far in 2023 is £40

EF #68 £60/£1000
Christmas 2023 #3  £5£365 (as I am saving for Christmas & birthdays, total will fluctuate through the year)
Penny a day 2023 #12 £51.48/£667.95
Make £5 a day -   March £135.06/£155

NSDs for Mar  13/15

My debt free diary...


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