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Not a usually mse post but hoping someone can help with this.

I've got a friend who works for the police, she is always complaining about being skint and looking for sympathy, her latest claim is if she sells anything on eBay or Gumtree she has to declare it to work as a second income in case of conflict of interest.

Are there any police people on here who can confirm or deny this? It seems very odd but she is insistent.


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    She would only have to declare it if she was selling enough to make a second income, not bits and bobs here and there. 
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    If it's running as a business. Professionals in social services he to declar all other work inc business but not seeling your own odds and ends.


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    We had to fill in a Notification of secondary business interests form and await a decision. If granted  its reviewed annually.

    Knew so many with business interests and secondary employment from franchise owners To selling on the internet with no stock (DropShipping). Most were very successful.

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