PIP review query

Hello guys,

I received a PIP review form circa 3 to 4 months ago now, and returned it within the deadline date with various supporting medical evidence.

I received a SMS from the DWP saying they have received my PIP review form imminently after sending it.

Can anybody shed any light on when I'm likely to be called in for an assessment, or be contacted for assessment via 'phone?

My PIP award ends in March 2023 if I recall correctly, so time is running out.

Many thanks.


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    They are just way behind on these renewals. I have a number of people I have helped with the forms who have waited months to hear back regarding re-assessments. One sent the form back in June.
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    The majority of people have assessments so you should expect one. I know of some people sending review forms back 1 year ago and still haven't had a decision. Your PIP will continue until a decision is made.
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    I had to send review form in may but .y pip wasn't due to run out until October. I got a letter in the post to say I was awarded it and upped it and for a longer period without having to go for an assessment 
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    If you sent in good supporting medical evidence and your case for successful review is robust, you probably won't have an assessment. DWP resources are very stretched at the moment, with administration of energy support payments etc being added to their existing workload. My wife's review was due in March: I completed her forms on time, submitted them and we heard nothing till she received an SMS in September informing her that there was a delay (no s***, Sherlock) and she would hear soon. A few weeks later she heard that her review had been successful, and her award was renewed with no assessment. 
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    My forms were sent back and received in early August, got my letter on the 17th of this month telling me it had been awarded again with no assessment and on an ongoing (but check after 10 years) basis. The last renewal had also been a paper based decision, the initial claim and decision was via a home visit assessment.

    The day before the decision date on the letter I had received a text pretty much saying they hadn't forgotten me but that my paperwork hadn't yet been looked at and knowing of the delays, I had settled myself in for a long wait.
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