IVA Paid to Date

Evening all,

I took out an IVA 2 years ago, I now don't believe it was the right solution for me as il explain below.

I have no assets, rented house, company car and debts of around 17k total. 

I now believe that a DRO would have been more suitable but we are where we are. 

I was recently sent a letter from a company named Harrison Jones and Taylor staying that they have financially beneficial information for me so I gave them a call. I was advised that there is now Government advice to IVA companies due to the cost of living crisis that allows you to apply for a paid to date solution. This would close my IVA and I'd be debt free, sounds perfect.

It was explained that if my payments were under £75 per month and that my total debt was less than 30k it would be appropriate to apply. My payments are currently above £75 but they also said that my payments should be halved which would bring them below the £75.

They offer this service at a cost of £450, split down to 6 monthly payments. 

I do struggle to keep up with my current IVA payments but would rather stick at it and for the full term of 5 years, than mess up my finances further by taking advice from this company that isn't correct. I'm also concerned that this may be some type of scam as I can't find much about this company online. They sent out an information pack via email and the company name on this is McKenzie Jones Associates LTD. 

I suppose I'm asking if anyone has any experience with paid to date? Is it too good to be true? 

Any input would be great, I'd love to clear my debts and start building my credit, but don't want to risk my IVA being terminated/extended through bad advice or worse still being scammed 

Thanks for reading



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