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Resigning without having another job lined up



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    I left my last job without another job to go to, with the plan to go freelance in my industry, but didn't have any clients lined up so it was a total step into the unknown. I had been in my then role for nearly 6 years and just hit a wall with it during pandemic. The goalposts were constantly being moved, my line manager had zero empathy for anyone and despite regularly being promised a payrise, I wasn't given one, after I'd already taken on the extra responsibility. Felt very undervalued and felt very under pressure to change what I did frequently to meet the needs of the business, but the new directions had no appeal. I was losing sleep over it and feeling very stressed constantly. They were also making noises about coming back to the office (having been 100% WFH since March 2020) and I just wasn't going to do that. Grumpy introvert that loves the WFH life!

    I live alone and have the usual mortgage/bills etc, so it was a fairly big risk - I had maybe 2 month's worth of living costs in savings, so I knew I needed to make it work quickly. Thankfully, I totally landed on my feet and secured some brilliant clients within the first week via contacts I've made during my time and jobs in the industry (15 years total), who I'm still working with now, 18 months later. I earn significantly more than I ever did in an employed role and am happier than I've ever been in any job - flexibility and WFH suits me down to the ground. BUT - it could have easily not worked out. I know how fortunate I am!

    There is nothing that could make me want to join employed life again - the 'pros' like paid holiday and sick pay etc in no way make up for the cons for me. But I totally understand that this way of work and life wouldn't suit everyone at all. If things go all Pete Tong with my sole trader life and I do need to get a job again, in my industry, taking time out for self-employment is very normal so wouldn't look odd on a CV. 

    Interestingly, the company I left because of feeling undervalued etc, now use me for freelance services - at a much higher rate than they paid me when I was employed by them. That feels particularly good! 
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