How much are you planning to spend on Christmas this year?

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Poll started 15 November 2022

The festive period is the highest spending period of the year for most people. However, for many the current cost of living crisis might mean spending a little less than usual. So this week, we want to know – including food, drink, decorations, presents, travel and more – how much are you planning to spend on Christmas this year, and is it more or less than you would typically spend?

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  • gloriouslyhappygloriouslyhappy Forumite
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    I'm in the £200-300 bracket, and that's everything, food, drink, travel, presents. We have a £10 limit pp for presents preferably home made or charity shop. I'm driving to family for xmas day and then hosting a 2nd xmas on the 28th for other family and friends, and expect to have a little change from £300 for everything. I have a few decorations I bring out every year with a couple of strings of lights which I put round a big house plant instead of a tree. For us Xmas is about enjoying time with family and friends and having some extra nice food and drink, but no one goes overboard and it's generally a lovely relaxed time. Long may it continue!
  • ginger_chocolateginger_chocolate Forumite
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    I picked the £300-400 bracket, but tbh, some of that includes what I would have spent on normal groceries - it's difficult to separate out the normal food shop from the extra treaty bits you might get just for the season.
  • CapricornLassCapricornLass Forumite
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    I'm paying much the same I think, about £800 (stocking and main presents, food, cards, postage)  I find it hard to judge as I buy bits for Christmas presents all through the year, as I see things, because I know that come Christmas they won't be there.  However, although I'm paying the same, I've got a lot less for my money than I would have done in the past..
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  • DullGreyGuyDullGreyGuy Forumite
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    Surprised you cap it at over £1,000 given you included travel in the costs, no surprise its the most popular bucket... 

    As typically furloughed over Xmas we normally go overseas for a couple of weeks and so it hits your final bucket. This year not furloughed and so shorter trip so spending less. Dont do presents at all 
  • LameWolfLameWolf Forumite
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    I do wish there had been a "spending nothing" option, because that's how much I'm spending.... same as last year, and the year before, and the year before that....
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