What is the best ticket for travelling around London on these specific dates?

Hi all

I am looking for specific suggestions on the best, cheapest, easiest, most convenient ways to travel around London from Thurs 17th November 2022 to Sunday 20th November 2022. I know Google might be my friend and I can easily book tickets there but every time I go to London someone always says to me ‘You would have been better booking a weekly card/day saver/family ticket/off peak ticket/ Weekend saver etc etc. 

Therefore, I’d like to get it right this time. If I tell you all what I want then hopefully you guys can simply send me a link to the best ticket to buy taking into account the dates (weekend etc). 

So, my wife and I are travelling from Manchester to London at mid day on Thursday 17th November 2022.  We then need to go from Euston to Covent Garden around tea time. Then a couple of hours later from Covent Garden to our hotel next to Ealing Broadway Tube. Then, the day after, Friday 18th November we want to get a tube from Ealing Broadway into Central London. Have a wander around and then get to Covent Garden at 7:30pm for a Theatre show. After the show we then need to get back to Ealing Broadway. Then, the day after (Saturday) we’d like to leave Ealing and go for a mooch around London and back to Ealing but as yet we don’t know where. Then on Sunday, back from Ealing Hotel to Euston. Taking into account these locations is there a specific ticket that would suit us better than others? 

Thanks in advance. 


  • DullGreyGuy
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    Just use a contactless credit/debit card each... the "week" for contactless capping is Mon-Sun, were you going to span two weeks then a travelcard or oyster may have been better as they are 7 days from first purchase. 

    Remember you have to have a card each and to use the same card each time... you cannot switch between physical card and Google/Apple pay for example as they have different card numbers to each other and so the capping wont apply. 

    The only other time I'd say otherwise was if you were wanting to use the rail 2-4-1 tickets to London Zoo etc in which case you need a physical ticket issued by a train (not underground) station but as you havent listed any attractions then its not necessary to have the challenges of physical tickets.
  • SiliconChip
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    Exactly what @DullGreyGuy has said. The only time that you might want an Oyster card for a shorter period of travel is if you have a railcard that can be added to the Oyster card to discount the fares (I've done this with my Senior railcard). I believe there is a long term intention to make this possible with contactless credit/debit cards but at the moment it can only be done with Oyster.
  • Great advice RE: Same contactless card. Thanks. Wasn’t even aware of capping. 
  • DullGreyGuy
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    Great advice RE: Same contactless card. Thanks. Wasn’t even aware of capping. 
    There is daily and weekly capping, as mentioned for non-oyster the "weekly" is mon-sun where as Oyster is 7 days from first use

    The one thing I dont know is if you use Apple Pay if you can switch between iPhone and iWatch or if they have different numbers each too... I dont have a smart watch so not one I've looked into significantly.

    If you do use an iPhone you can set one card as the one for travel and then you dont need to use the PIN/FaceID etc to authorise the payment via TFL plus it will operate for hours after the phone has run out of battery (assuming you are on a recent version of the OS).
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    Also if you have time Euston to Covent Garden is walkable in half hour or so.
  • daveyjp
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    To save money use buses for short hops around the central area.  Plenty of buses passing Euston will get you close to Covent Garden.

    Citymapper is a great app which will give you details of all public transport options between locations.
  • macman
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    Under daily capping, buses are unlikely to save any money over tube or Overground if making several journeys per day, as the OP will reach the daily capping threshold.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
  • I'd recommend the bus just because you get a far more interesting journey than if you're in a tunnel. Tube for the destination, bus for the journey.
  • I would also recommend buses. I used to always just go underground but the last two visits I just hop on the bus and enjoy the sites. I also used the river bus which was great fun and a different view of the city than the usual...plus we took a bottle of bubbly on board and enjoyed it on the journey.
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