Billed after tenancy ended

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Not sure if this is the best place to post or consumer rights.

In brief I've been billed for electric after I vacated a property.

I was with AM Power who failed and I was moved to Yu Energy last November -I had already notified them that my tenancy was ending but I don't know if this was pass on.

The switch was messed as Yu Energy only supplied to commercial users.

I vacacted  mid December and was then invoiced up to the 9th January.

I disputed the time period on the invoice and asked for one to be issued up to the date my tenancy ended.They did not respond and I sent them a final email in April asking to be invoiced correctly in the next 14 days or I would consider the matter closed.

Last week I receved a text message from a collection agency with a link to pay the £44 owing to Yu.

I then sent Yu a "prove it" email.

Their response:

I have just taken a look into the account and we do apologize for the back and forth . I fully do understand that you have moved out of the property on the date 06/12/2021 and you've been billed for the period 15/11/2021 to 09/01/2022 . Whilst taken a look into the account I can see that a change of tenancy request was created on the 17/12/2021 . I do need to make you aware that the change of tenancy was only closed on the date 10/01/2022 meaning that you have been billed up until that period as the meter has not been diconnected . So standing charges was also applied to the bill .
There is currently still an outstanding balance of £44.00 on the account and we do kindly ask you to settle that .

Appreciate any advice.. should I pay them?



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    Bradden said:
    Appreciate any advice.. should I pay them?
    So you've told them the date your tenancy ended, they've acknowledged that you've told them that, but they're still trying to get you to pay for the period after?
    No, you shouldn't pay.
    The bill for the period after your tenancy ended is your landlord's, not yours.

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    Arkell & Pressdram springs to mind :)
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    Unless you vacated before the contractual end of tenancy date?
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  • Bradden
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    Thanks fvor the replies. I left on the date my tenancy ended. They just don;t seem to accept that I'm not liable for the period after this.
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