I was tupe'd on and 18 hr contract June 2021.  I have 7 continuous years.  In August this year I extended my hours to 25, but the the sleep in shift I was doing was affecting my health and the company who knew about this health matter agreed I could relinquish it and had managed to cover it with someone else anyway.  But they have refused to reinstate my 18 hr Tupe contract and are sending me a new contract for 16 hour week.  Can they do this?  I have never agreed at any time to decrease hours.


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    Almost certainly yes. The TUPE provisions apply to your contract at the time of the takeover. You agreed one change, then asked for another: they don't have to put you back on your original terms.

    What does your union say?
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    Depends what you agreed to as part of the change to 25 hours and what your contract with the original employer said about contracted hours and varying them. 
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