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Good morning all, I hope I can find some one who can help?

I have recently received a letter in the post from a UK law firm (Iridium Law Ltd - Maidenhead UK) advising they are chasing me for Dubai debt from Nov 2012, I was trying to find a template letter to reply to these guys. I found the below thread which someone kindly uploaded a template letter but the thread is now closed and I’m unable to download the letter.

Can anyone share a template that I can use to reply back to this law firm about statue barred relating to Dubai debt  , also I hope this may help others in a similar situations.

Below is what was mentioned in the letter;

‘You are now required to settle your outstanding debt as set out above without further delay. At this stage our client is willing to consider a range of repayment options and, accordingly, we would invite you to respond to this letter so that a conference call can be arranged at a mutually convenient time to discuss this matter. Please respond to this letter with your direct contact details and any suitable dates and times in the next 7 days. We are authorised by our client to take all necessary steps to recover the debt and trust this will not be needed. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Any advice or guidance on how to respond , the letter came standard post not recorded so don’t even now if I should bother replying or not.

I am also not sure if things have changed (the above post is a few years old) do Dubai banks now have legal rights to chase debt in UK - I am hopeful the reply stating statue barred debt might still help, I’m holding on to the reassurance that a few others have used this reply with some form of success. 

Any guidance would be gratefully received, as I’m really unsure how to reply to this letter if I should at all.

thanks in advance for any advice 🙏


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