BBC illustrative mortgage payments

Can anyone explain to me the BBC's illustrations of the effect on mortgage rates for those on tracker or standard variable mortgages? To quote

"The increase in the Bank rate from 2.25% to 3% means those on a typical tracker mortgage will pay about £73.50 more a month. Those on standard variable rate mortgages face a £46 jump.

This comes on top of increases following the previous recent rate rises. Compared with pre-December 2021, average tracker mortgage customers will be paying about £284 more a month, and variable mortgage holders about £179 more."

The article doesn't give any of the assumptions behind these figures, so they are about as useful as a saying there's a £2,500 energy price cap (i.e., as useful as a chocolate teapot). Why do they think those on variable rate will have less of an increase than those on a tracker? Other articles I've seen say those on variable rates don't know what will happen and it depends what the lender decides to do, which is much more accurate.


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