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Extra boost for state pension

Hi everyone I'm interested in this state pension payment boost you can pay to eventually get more from your state pension, the only problem is that I'm 70 years old and already claiming the state pension, so does that render me ineligible for boosting or not tia. 


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    If you were born after 5th April 1951, you're able to buy additional years in your state pension. However, the boost will only apply if you haven't already paid in the full number of qualifying years for national insurance. Have you taken a career break or done something else which means you'll have skipped your national insurance payments some years?
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    There may be a possibility to increase your pension.
    How much are you currently receiving ?
    When did you reach SRA  ?
    How many NI years do you have split pre and post 2016
    Have you any "not full" NI years after 2006 ?
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