Do you have a smart prepay energy meter? We want to hear how you’re getting the £400 energy support

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Many people will be getting £400 in energy bills support payments this winter, coming in smaller monthly instalments between October 2022 and March 2023.

Most dual-fuel customers can decide whether to put the support payments towards their electricity OR gas usage. See MSE’s round-up of suppliers and how they'll pay your £400 discount.

If you have smart prepay meters, the payment is generally applied to your electricity meter by default. While some suppliers are splitting the payment between gas and electricity, or letting customers move the payment on request, not all do.

We want to hear from you if you have smart prepayment meters…

  • How have you found your experience of receiving the energy bills support so far?
  • Would you like the option to use the £400 to support your gas usage? Why is that?
  • Have you tried to transfer the payment to your gas meter? Which supplier was it and what happened?
  • Do you think there are any problems with how you’re receiving the support? Would you like to see any changes?

Let us know below or email us at



  • I am with SSE and have a smart prepay meter which was installed in August to replace a failed electric key meter. The SSE website advises that the £66 energy bill support payment will be automatically credited to the smart meter.

    Mid October I received a paper voucher for £66 in the post. I took it to a small Paypoint retailer nearby. They didn't follow the instructions and the £66 did not transfer to my electric card. I phoned an SSE call centre and they told me that the payment should have been automatically credited to my account and that they would arrange for this to be done.

    A week later the payment had still not been made. I contacted SSE via their 'chatbot'. The operator told me that I had been sent a voucher because I used to have an electric key meter and that I would be receiving vouchers via the post. The operator said they would send me a new voucher for October and a new electric card. That was a week ago and they have not arrived yet.

    This morning I had £66 credited to my smart meter. I don't know if it is November's payment or a result of my two contacts with SSE, I don't know if I am still missing the October payment. Safe to say that I am very unhappy with how the energy bill support payment has been managed by SSE.

    My gas is supplied by a different supplier and I am happy keeping this separate.

  • i am with british gas and like thousands of others i have not recieved any support at all , despite calling them and messaging them i get fobbed of with excuse after excuse as to why they have not been sent out , we are now well into november and still not recieved octobers 66.00 , beginning to think now it will never be sent out
  • I’m with Boost (Ovo) and they have been applying the £66 to my electricity account during the first week of the month. There hasn’t been he option to have it applied to my gas account instead, but I don’t mind, it’s nice to have the help at all :) 
    Debt was £15,903 😬 Now £2718.14 £0 😲🥳

  • Please do the same for traditional pre-pay meters because myself and many others we are yet to receive the October voucher from SSE and they keep lying about it 
  • I'm with utilita, no mention of them in the table of suppliers, and mine goes onto my electricity. I don't know if they split the money as I've not asked. I'm not likely to either as they hardly answer the phone.
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    EDIT a week later; a success story!
    After posting my grand daughter's saga with SSE below, I have to take my cynical hat off to their complaints team, and admit that

    ...after only a few hours of googling, phoning, chat-botting  (terrible waste of time) and finally, Complaining (not that we really had a complaint; it just seemed the only way to email?),

    got a result!  The November voucher for £66 turned up in the post!  Now all we have to do is hope for the missing October one?

    So I have to soften my original critique of early November, where I said;

    "SSE Incompetence or conspiracy to stop poorer people getting their grant?

    Like Mike1087 my grand daughter is on a key meter with SSE. Having inherited the pre-payment key system like many tenants, she didn't even know her supplier, so obviously won't get her £66 monthly vouchers. So, with my help, she

    - used the UK Power Networks website to identify that her electric supplier was SSE

    - went on the SSE website to find that she could register as their customer

    - did that- on Oct 1st '22, backdated to their max (a year) altho' she's been there longer- with her name and address

    - then after no voucher appeared in 4 weeks, chased it up...

    - tried the useless SSE website enquiry search and chat service and...

    - after lengthy fruitless chat with a bot, was promised a human... who never appeared online... so

    - rang in..., spoke to a useless advisor, was eventually told she had a "Heritage Account"(?) was put on hold for ages... 

    - and eventually gave up.

    - tried to find an email contact and could only get their "Complaints"  address, so

    - wrote a courteous enquiry, summarising her efforts to date and asking for her vouchers...

    -  got an auto-reply, then (at last) a sympathetic and apologetic response from a named human; "sorry... we'll deal with your Q in 5-10 working days..."

    Guess what?  Ten days have passed.  No voucher.  No reply.  

    So she sent another (courteous and understated) request for an update...  She waits with bated breath?

    Now call me old fashioned, but the cynic in me thinks this is all a bu115hi7 attempt to screw tthose on key meters (most of whom will be tenants who've just accepted the key meter they inherited, or those with past problems of affordability)? 

    Because surely no national utility company can really be that useless?

    Whadda you think? "

    Well done SSE Complaints! (well, although sixty odd quid is still missing, the November payment's a great start?

  • I'm with SSE and have a smart prepayment meter. My October payment went on automatically on 5th Oct. I still haven't received anything for November.

    On my second attempt at trying to contact someone via webchat ...

    (email address provided by the payment app sent back an autoresponse telling me to try another method of contact instead, phone number tells you you can only speak to them if you are registered as a vulnerable customer or if it's an emergency, otherwise it texts you a link to web chat with them and my first attempt at a web chat it, a chat bot told me I would be connected to a person then later came back with "noone is available to chat to you" despite it being well within the hours stated on the contact details page)

    ...a real person told me (on Friday 11th Nov) that it "takes up to 11 working days" to receive. Except, all the written info I can find on their website and in 3rd party articles online states it should be within the first week of the month for smart meters and the 11 working days is for vouchers for the key/card meters.

    Yesterday, I found that there is a group on FB for SSE/Ovo complaints, where a large number of people seem to be having similar issues. Only, some of those people have received texts saying SSE were unable to update the meter remotely so they will instead be sent vouchers by 28th November.

    I have had no text, email or letter to tell me that that would be the case for my meter.

    Worryingly, a lot of people on that group have had issues not receiving vouchers at all and were still waiting on the October payment.
  • We can't get a gas meter for love nor money. Have tried for 2 years, Scottish power refuse.

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    I'm with Utilitia and £66 just appeared on my smart meter screen. Apparently, it will last us a week! :(
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    I bought this up on this forum back in October -

    I'm with British Gas and I would love to be able to move some of my credit over to my gas.

    My gas is about to run out, so I need to top it up. I currently have £50 on my electric and will get the next support payment in a week or so. So I'll have £100 on my electric, but am going to have to use money out of my bank account to add to my gas, which is extremely frustrating. 

    We're getting these support payments in winter when it's cold, we need our heating and a large proportion of people have gas central heating.

    I have phoned up British Gas and tried to get some money moved over, but was told I was unable to do this. To me I feel like it's a way to get more money out of their customers who need to heat their homes. Why else would they not allow it?
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