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Vegan Christmas Selection Box



  • kiss_me_now9kiss_me_now9 Forumite
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    Hotel Chocolat do a lot of vegan chocolates, all very tasty. You could also - if they're into hot chocolate - consider doing a hamper style one with some velvetiser pouches in, again they have a variety of these that are 'nutmilk' based. 

    Supermarkets do do them but they tend to be more solid chocolates in different shapes rather than 'bars' like a non-vegan box would be. Most supermarkets would also sell Booja Booja, Montezuma, Doisy and Dom. Asda sells Low Raw which do a selection box on their website (their bars are like vegan Kinder bueno). 

    If you're really fancy with a bit more to spend and hot on your clicking finger, you could try a company like Truffle Pig (Sheffield based) but they sell out within minutes. Their chocolate is meant to be incredible but I've never managed to get any myself! 
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    Thank you 'all' - I really appreciate all these helpful suggestions.
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    Crimson60 said:
    Gers said:
    zaxdog said:
    If you want to support a smaller business try the Oban Chocolate Company. They do amazing choccies that my vegan parents love and they also do a vegan hot chocolate mix. 

    I've just been up to Oban for some shopping, didn't go as far as this but didn't know about them!  Thanks, I'll make sure to call in next time. 
    Me too -  Is now on my 'To do' list for my next visit to Oban. 
    The staff are lovely too and there is a sit in section which does the nicest hot chocolate and waffles to die for :-:smile:
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