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Drying clothes?



  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    Where I live, the air is very dry.  So shirts and scrub tops on hangers and then they are hung either on the shower rail or in doorways.   My son showed me how the swiffer handle when extended fit across a weird angle in my upstairs hallway.  That is used for hangers.

    I have two drying racks and three lines in the basement.   Sounds like a lot but it's amazing how much space wet laundry can take up
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    Household Cleaning Products for Every Surface | Swiffer

    Mines the green one and it appears it can extend to six feet (who knew).  But it fits nicely across the hallway, flat head above door frame, handle extended across and then place above the other door frame.   Great for using to dry dresses and skirts, well anything with a handle.
  • JILJIL Forumite
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    I recently bought a clothes dryer that can be drilled into a wall, inside or outside. It wasnt cheap, but it folds away. I have this over a radiator in my utility room. 

  • oystercatcheroystercatcher Forumite
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    I have an extending shower curtain pole which crosses my landing from above a bedroom door to over the stairwell. Shirts etc can hang over the stairwell out of the way. I then have two folding airers on the landing. I can easily dry two big machine loads of laundry up there out of sight of most visitors . Warm air rises up the stairwell and a couple of windows just open on the ventilation setting. I have never had a problem with mould etc. Most of the houses I have lived in have had a space for a similar set up.
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