Quick heads-up: Some Amazon lockers you HAVE to have the App on your smartphone to collect!

I ordered an item for my sister to pick up at her local locker.  Only when I got the email saying it had arrived was I told that a smartphone with the up to date app was required. She doesn't have a smartphone, so we appear to be stuffed.  Amazon will retrieve it in 3 days and refund me, but that's an inconvenience.. But they should have told me when I selected that locker, as I would have got it delivered to their local post office instead. 

I really don't know if you can tell if the locker is smartphone only when placing the order.

So just be aware.


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    Is there a barcode on the email, you use this to retrieve your parcel. No app required!
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    Do you have the app on your phone?  What does it show when you open the order tracking - does it give you a code to use for the locker? Or perhaps a barcode as above?  Perhaps you could take a screenshot and email that to your sister to use?       
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    No barcode, no PIN No., so forwarding the email doesn't help her.  The system uses bluetooth, so my phone would have to be within range.
    Amazon have replied to me confirming that the phone and app is required.

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    I suspect they had to change the system.. whenever I've used the lockers I've struggled to scan the barcode even when I've printed it... I'd hope that using an app is more reliable.
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    There's two types of locker - the ones in places like shopping centres which are code etc, but also the ones independent (in places like my pub carpark) which are app only, no code / barcode etc.  The app connects to the locker using bluetooth.

    In defense of amazon (to a degree), every time I pick that particular locker near me, it does say "amazon app required", but presumably its the account owner who ordered, which isn't clear if so.  It also doesn't ask for a confirmation or anything (unless it did first time).


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    I don't know if you are using the app or a different browser to me to order (I'm using Chrome), but I've just double-checked and I get to the 'Buy Now' stage (the point of no return) and there is no message saying "amazon app required".

    But anyway, I've publicised the "warning" here in the right place in the forum.

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