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  • joedenise
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    If you have a car you also need a Car pot - as we have more than one vehicle I have separate pots for Maintenance, Tax and MOT, Insurance.

    I agree with @BadBookkeeper you need some sort of pot for dentist/optician/OTC medicines etc.  I would also consider a "Beauty pot" for things like hairdressing, make up, moisturisers, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner etc.

    How about a pot for replacement white goods and other household things?

    You really need to think about what you actually spend money on to make sure you have the right "pots" for you.  Everyone will have different needs.

  • Taking_back_control
    An early start today 🥱 not sure why, but all this week I’ve been waking naturally about 4:15am, but then in bed by 9pm-  need to break this cycle somehow! 
    Not much to report money wise. It’s OH payday tomorrow so the start of our financial month, so will be spending some time tomorrow moving things around. The biggest aim for November is to reduce the food spends. I’m going to try and set up a meal plan for the month. Obviously it won’t be set in stone but will give me some idea of what we need vs what we already have. We’ve also had a Iceland food warehouse open locally - May take a look at that.

    @joedenise - I agree I definitely need opticians / dentist pots. I’ve got my eye test next week and I’m sure my prescription will have changed 😩. I use my personal “fun” money for my hair appointments but do already have a pot set up in my Monzo account to fund this. 

    Need to get my exercise back on track. DS is back at school next week, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to get into some sort of routine with it. I was doing really well before the summer, summer hols hit and didn’t get much child free time, was getting into the flow again in September once the schools went back and then got covid again. I’m only just beginning to feel 100% after it, so will use the start of the new half term to ease myself back in.

    Have a great day x 
  • Taking_back_control
    Back to school day! I really love having DS at home and feel bad for saying it, but I’m so glad he’s back to school today. It’s nothing to do with him, just more the fact that I’m craving a bit of normality and routine. We had covid in the house through much of the earlier part of October and I’m still trying to catch up on various missed appointments etc. It’ll be nice to have the little bit of head space on my days at home.

    Moneywise, all monthly payments have been made. I realised that the 0% period on one of my cards is up at the end of December, so I’ve managed to get a 0% deal until June 2024. It may seem a bit premature given I’ve got 2 months left on the current deal, but I’m a bit nervous that deals like that won’t be around much longer the way things are going. It definitely feels like the right decision from peace of mind point of view.

    I’ve got 2x smallish balances that I’d like gone this side of Christmas - Very @ £124 and Next @ £150. I’m going to try and clear these via eBay / Vinted / Facebook so that I can concentrate on Christmas and the cards with our monthly income. I’ve had an eBay and Vinted sale over the week end so have £15 to start me off.

    Will spend my lunch break recalibrating and getting my head around all I need to do in the coming month -hoping to make it a productive one so that I can ease up a bit in the run up to Christmas 🎄 
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