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My adult son keeps buying books to read and he reads it only once. I have got loads of books, is there a place I could sell them by bulk. Postage is too expensive for one book. Thanks


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    There are a few sites.

    You enter the details of your books and they offer you a price. They both have apps you can download to use your phone as a barcode scanner to speed things up if you have lots of books.

    But, they don't accept all books and where they do accept them they only usually pay a few pence per book. They both have a minimum order value which can be quite hard to meet. The good thing is they pay the delivery costs.

    If you do use these sites, look around for codes as they often have codes for an extra 10% available. 

    You won't make a lot of money though, especially if your books are mostly paperback fiction. Most of my books are rejected and end up in the charity shop or the book-swap table in our community centre. 
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    Webuybooks is the only one I've tried. The novels it accepted only made me around 20p each, but textbooks got me a lot more - around £4 each.

    What was great is that they collected the box of books from my home, so it was nice and easy.
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    Thanks have noticed the price is very low with paperback depending on website. Got £2.40 from one website and 80 p from another. Guess have to find out which one pays more.
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    Unless you are selling recent editions of text books you'll struggle to make any 'it was worth the effort' cash in my experience.

    The one thing I didn't try was a boot sale - early mornings on a weekend don't agree with me :smile:

    I ended up giving mine away of Freecycle just to get the boxes out of my living room! I now have a Kindle. Which means I can hoarde all I want without losing space. 
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