Private flu jab not at a pharmacy?

Hi all I'm after some advice. I am looking to get the flu jab. I don't qualify for it on NHS which is fine but it means I apparently can't get it done at the GP. They told me to go to a pharmacy.

I struggle with injections as it is and to top it off I have anxiety. I feel really uncomfortable getting stuff like this done in what is basically a shop rather than a proper clinical setting. I had the same issue re Covid vax too but eventually managed to get that at an actual surgery rather than a shop or pop up tent in a random car park! (And I still took 15 mins and a crying session to let them jab me!)

I did pop into a couple of the pharmacies I use to check them out and in all honesty I now feel even less comfortable getting it done in one due to a combo of their set ups and their attitudes.

Does anyone know if there is any way of me getting the flu jab at a surgery or other clinical setting when I have to pay for it?

Thank you in advance :)


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