Death and council tax rebate

My dad recently died (end of Aug), but before he died we were waiting for a letter to come through from his local council to let him know how to apply for the £150 council tax rebate, as it said on the website for people who didn't pay by direct debit. This letter was misdelivered, and I didn't get it till about a week after he had died.

My question is what should happen to this rebate now? As he was eligible for it - had he paid by direct debit he would have got this already, but he died before we could fill in the form to apply for it.
I don't know whether it is the same for all councils but I think that I have read that councils had until the end of September to get all payments made, so don't know whether I'd be too late now regardless.

If anyone could shed any light I would appreciate it :smile:


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