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Morning all, I have worked and paid PAYE all my life, on Friday I received a letter out of the blue claiming I owe DWP £378.85.
Following the log in details it seems this is a tax credit overpayment from July 2013. I called the number and the debt guy at DWP said my only option is to pay it or I would be deducted this from my earnings, I work for a bank so this would be bad.
Trouble is I have no idea what its for, using my detective head and ringing HMRC is seems it could be to do with an ex partner who claimed extra tax and stated I lived there, when I never did, it was a brief and violent relationship, (6 months) very strange and violent ex GF. 

I've managed to get some info which is to use a Mandatory Reconsideration form, evidence my previous addresses, (equifax for example) and appeal something that I shouldn't be paying in the first place.

My question is, do you think I should set up a DD to pay it, considering I work for a bank so I don't risk any adverse questions, even though I am not responsible and then claim back any payments assuming this is found in my favour?
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    I always get this the wrong way.

    DWP administer the debt on behalf of HMRC, but have nothing to do with the organisation, they are just sent the info on amount owed.  If as you suspect your name was on the claim, then it is likely that the debt is actually to be £758 (split in two).

    If you speak to HMRC they should be able to to tell you what the debt is for and when it occurred, i guess it would then be up to you to provide information about leaving the Ex.

    Hope that helps…

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    You can send an SAR to HMRC and they will send all the information they hold on you and this will include anything you owe them. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hmrc-subject-access-request

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