Statement of Affairs - help me not let 2k grow back to 15k debt!


I'm 40, single.  Net income after tax, minimum pension etc is £2200/month
My mortgage is £50k on a 200k place. 6 years to run. Fixed for the next year at 1%. 
I own an old-ish car outright.
8 years ago I was in 15k credit card debt following living in an expensive area then a rship breakdown and job loss.  Plus general overspending.  I paid it off by working extra but that work has gone !!!!!! after covid. 
I have racked up 2k on credit card again - just slightly overspending each month I think. There always seems to be something I "need" eg new bedding, a book. 
Please let me have your thoughts - what I'm doing right and wrong. 

BASIC BILLS per month
Mortgage 700
Gas & Electric 50 but to rise to 120 in 6 months
Council Tax/water  91
Food 300
Travel/Petrol 10/week (I work from home)
Mobile 12
Internet 38
Tithing (charity/church) 200 - kinda non-optional! 

TV subs 12
Hair/beauty 50
Gym 20

ANNUAL BILLS - a lot to itemise but comes to about 2k/year
Car insurance/MOT/Servicing/breakdown, tax
house insurance
Communal charges for flat eg garden maintenance   
Amazon Prime, microsoft
Dentist/optician, flu jab etc


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    It would be helpful if you filled out the SOA on and formatted for MSE.  This includes everything you are likely to need to budget for.

    Do you actually save for your annual bills?  If not that is a good starting point!

    From what you have posted I would say that you are spending quite a lot on food.  My DH and I eat well and spend between £200 and £250 a month so this could be an area where you could start cutting down.  Have a look at the Grocery Challenge in the Old Style forum for some ideas.

    Good luck with reducing and not increasing your debt.
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    I would second what @joedenise has said, Grocery is really high, we are a family of 4 and our budget is £100 a week.  Also seems a lot on hair and beauty too is that every month?  If you could complete a SOA, this would help alot more, will give a true picture of whats left cash wise for sending towards debt.


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    What is your job? We don't really have tithering in the UK.

    Trying to workout your budget it looks like you have around £500 left a month. I don't think you are listing everything you spend. a full SOA would be ideal. With only £2k of debt you can pay that off in only a few months.
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    You grocery budget sounds high. We are a family of four and we spend and average of £338 per month. Are you including 'household items in this, like household cleaning products, toilet rolls and toiletries?

    When does your mobile and internet contracts end? I just switched from paying £12 mobile to £7.95 without a drop in service level.
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