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Bauer prize isn't valid

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Has anyone won a gift card from Bauer before that isn't valid? They rang me on a private number and took my details and then sent through the card but it won't work. I've contacted customer support for the gift card store and visited in person and was told both times that the card hasn't been activated so I need to contact whomever sent me the card. It's really frustrating because it was a decent prize and now I can't enter any more of their comps for 6 months.


  • BootsMulleryBootsMullery Forumite
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    Which competition was this?
    Was the telephone call the only contact you have had from Bauer?
    Have you tried getting back to Bauer about it?
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    Simple fix, it has happened before (not just with bauer sites), you will need to contact them, ideally through the actual site you won from - most giftcards let you check the balance on-line, I always do that on receipt of the card (I had 1 with too much on it)
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    I had this once with an Asda gift card I won with one of their competitions.  It was a £100 gift card - stupidly I didn't check the balance first, went and did my weekly shop with it, only to find at the till that it hadn't been activated! Had to leave my trolley of shopping there and walk out - really embarrassing.  I rang Asda customer services who couldn't help, but then rang the company that had provided the prize (think it was a baby food company?) who then activated the card for me, and sent me a further £50 card to compensate for my inconvenience!! So it did get sorted in the end but it was the prize provider in that instance.  I would suggest you contact the person who informed you of your win, as a first port of call.
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