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edited 30 September 2022 at 8:22PM in I won! I won! I won!
Had a email earlier today to say I’ve won SURI sustainable electric toothbrush and wash bag - they’re £120 to buy (for a toothbrush!!) so pleased with this win 😀 Not won anything for ages on a daily mag comp either.


  • redfox5
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    Well done :) 
    Wins in 2023 - 35
    Wins in 2022 - 43
    Wins in 2021 - 62
    Wins in 2020 - 68
    Wins in 2019 - 5
  • Misslayed
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    Congratulations! :) 
    I’m a Senior Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on the Competition Time, Site Feedback and Marriage, Relationships and Families boards. If you need any help on these boards, do let me know. Please note that Ambassadors are not moderators. Any posts you spot in breach of the Forum Rules should be reported via the report button, or by emailing All views are my own and not the official line of Money Saving Expert.
  • Heavier
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    Well Done  :#
  • fire**fly
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    well done :)
    please be a responsible pet owner & spay/neuter your pets, too many strays & not enough homes for them sadly. k2u58ioz4c8e.png

  • badamsgirl
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    Well done :smile:
    Good luck for 2024 Comping! Be lucky!
    My April 2024 Wins: Snickers (IW), kids book(web), bookmark (web), £1 cat food voucher x 5 (web), £33.34 (TW), game of minigolf (IW), pizza (IW), Biscuit voucher (PN)
  • MintyB
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    Congratulations :)
  • Bigboytyson
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    Well done xxx
    💖💖Love Comping,💖💖 In it to Win it.💖💖
    💖💖If I don't win its not the end of the world,theres always another one to enter💖💖
    💖💖Always be happy and congratulate those that do win💖💖
    💖💖Always Thank the original poster where's possible,💖💖 Thank you's goes along way💖💖 Good Luck Everyone💖💖
  • libra10
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    Well done 
  • simba31
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    Well done!
  • Nice to hear that some people win on those daily comps… I was always sceptical! Congratulations! :smile:
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