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Ma Made marmalade hacks

Not sure 'hacks' is the right word but can anyone recommend any tasty ways of making marmalade with Ma Made?  I have three tins but find the basic marmalade it makes to be a bit non descript.  Personally I  prefer the bitter 'oxford-style' myself but if it's possible to add lemon or lime peel that would be good.  I've seen several adaptations on t'internet but wondered if anyone has any tried and tested recipes or ideas they can pass on?  Thanks



  • Are your tins for Seville Orange or Lemon Mamade? I have done an Apricot and Seville Mamade recipe and a Lemon and Satsuma recipe using tinned prepared fruit. I prefer homemade Seville orange marmalade which has much more of a tang but my husband loves the Lemon and Satsuma one which just requires the peel of Satsumas which I save in the freeze till I have enough. I t was a Mary Berry recipe.
  • I added chopped stem ginger to Ma-made once. It made quite a good marmalade.
  • I include a large tin of pink or white grapefruit. Drain the juice and use as part of the fluid, then increase the sugar by about a cupful, chop the fruit roughly, and add with the marmalade mush. It's not an exact science! Can also use tinned mandarins, but we prefer pink grapefruit.
  • Black treacle gives a nice depth to it, just a tablespoon or so. I have made it and added chopped crystallized ginger as mentioned above and also a bit of ground ginger. I've also added whisky to it - not sure that it came across in the finished product though
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  • shykins
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    we add various things to ours

     calvados and chopped cranberries.    definitely the favourite!!
    ginger - the frozen cube stuff 
    whisky - just an old one we had lying around
    brandy - ditto
    extra peel/lemon 

    most things seem fine to be added and just enhances the flavour especially if you leave it to mature for a while

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  • elljay
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    Brilliant ideas, thank you all so much.  It's the thin cut one, they used to do thick cut and lemon I'm sure but I can't find it now.  There's another brand sold by Lakeland I think which does lemon, might give that a try too.  Liz
  • Hi!
    What a great post, I've got some new ideas now!  
    My "hack" is using grapefruit juice instead of the water when making the Ma Made, makes a grapefruit/orange marmalade that's really tangy.  You can adjust how much you put in, I started with half juice & half water but now just use all juice in place of the water!

  • Honey_Bear
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    We add the juice of a lemon and then de-pith and chop up the rind into chunks and add that too.  We also cut down on the sugar by about 15% and settle for a softer set.  Both of those improve the flavour no end.
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  • BoRacic
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    Am a beginner making marmalade and jam and very grateful for all these great ideas.   Many thanks
  • HBone
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    I soaked overnight one pound of cut up dried/no soak apricots from a well know American wholesale members' only warehouse as they work out cheaper than supermarket bags. Next day simmered the apricots for about twenty mins in the preserving pan with the soaking water.  Blitzed them slightly, not until smooth, with a stick blender but not really necessary.  Added the tin of Mamade and the 3/4 pint of liquid but that consisted of the juice of two lemons I needed to use up as the zest had gone in the Christmas cakes. Then topped up to 3/4 pint with water.  I increased the sugar from recommended 4lb to 4 and a half pound. 
    Before sterilising the jars in the oven at 180degrees for ten mins, whilst it heated up, I spread 75gms of split almonds on a baking tray and toasted them in the oven.  Be careful they don't burn.  Set a timer for two mins and keep checking if not slightly brown after that.   
    It didn't take long to set with the pectin in the orange mixture and the extra lemon juice.  
    Once set and off the heat I stirred in the almonds and added 1 and a 1/2 teaspoons of almond essence/extract (I used Lochheads). But next time I'll make it 2teaspoons.  I thought of adding two or three tablespoons of almond liqueur once off the heat but some will be eaten by children so didn't bother.  
    I always leave jam and marmalade for 30mins off the heat so the fruit and in this case, almonds don't float to the top in the jars.  I still ended up trying to push them down with a spoon.  
    I cover my lids with water in a pan, bring to the boil and simmer for ten mins to sterilise them.  Take them out with tongs and lay up the right way on clean kitchen towel to drip and then wipe the inside with another bit of kitchen towel if necessary.  Fill to within 1/2cm of the top of the jars as that stops it going mouldy as no air gap.
    Labelled "Apricot and almond marmalade".   

    I've only seen the lemon version of tinned prepared marmalade mixture in Lakeland and it's expensive but as I had a voucher and it is free postage this w/e I have ordered two tins and will try adding tinned grapefruit to one, using the juice instead of water and calling it lemon and grapefruit marmalade.   Maybe adding a bit more sugar.  Limoncello, the Italian lemon liqueur you brought back from that trip to Rome and is still in the drinks cabinet, is a good addition to the lemon version.  Add 2 to 4 tablespoons once it is off the heat.   

    Mamade is only stocked around Christmas in my supermarket but it has a long use by so I stock up then so I can make the marmalade in plenty of time for the next years Christmas presents. If you're lucky it may be sold off cheaper in January.   

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