Lender recording missed payments after bankruptcy notification.

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I was declared bankrupt at the beginning of Jan 2022. However, one lender (who i used to lease a car which was returned) is still recording missed payments each month on my credit file. They were included in the bankruptcy order along with my credit cards, electricity etc, but still continue to add onto my credit report each month.

I contacted them and they said they would continue to record missed payments for a year from the notification of my bankruptcy.

Is this correct, and they can continue to do this?

If anyone can give me an answer to this I would be grateful. Thanks.


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    I cannot advise on the technicalities as to whether it is appropriate for them to record the payments as missed.  However, from a practical point of view, the big issue in respect of your credit standing is the bankruptcy itself and anything else showing on your report is unlikely to trump this is terms of negative impact.  The more critical issued is the post-bankruptcy clean up of your file and you will fine plenty of advice on that within these forums.      
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    How your credit file appears at the moment should not be of any concern to you whatsoever.

    However, from Jan 23, you will be discharged from your bankruptcy, and at that point, there is a particular way your file should be marked.

    Debt Camel sets out the process for you here -

    Repair your credit record after bankruptcy (debtcamel.co.uk)
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