Vehicle insurance non-renewal "admin" fee

Phoned 7 days before due saying "I did not want to renew my vehicle insurance".
But they had already renewed it, so they refunded me everything except "an admin fee".
Googled to see whether the 14-day cooling off period applies to renewals - but its a vague area.
Any advice?


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    need to see what the T&Cs of the renewal notice says - also which company?
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    What sort of vehicle? Is it a consumer or business policy? Is it a broker or direct insurer?
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    Googled to see whether the 14-day cooling off period applies to renewals - but its a vague area.
    The cancellation rights period is not a free period.  They are allowed to make a charge.  However, it needs to be published.

    On your renewal letter, did it state the date you need to have made your decision by? 
    Is this commercial or consumer vehicle insurance?
    Who is making the charge? (the broker that arranged it or the insurer)

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    Apologies for the delay.  Renewal letter stated that the fee would be taken 7-days before renewal.  I phoned them 6.75 days before renewal - hence why they took the fee.
    It's a private motorhome - with Devitt Insurance Services (the caravan and motorhome club's broker).
    The broker is taking the fee.
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    Seems fair, you missed the deadline.
    "You've been reading SOS when it's just your clock reading 5:05 "
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